ZurePro Extended Warranty


Starts less than Re.1* Per day
*cost calculated on per day cost at a annual costing of waranty plan for phones costing between 0-2500 INR


Starts less than Re.2* Per day
*calculated on per day basis against annual payment of warranty for tablets range betwwen 5000-10000 INR
Public Response
It would be great to have such service, the pricing would be the critical factor here and the actual service they deliver in case of device failure or problems.
-Girish | track.in
his sounds great exactly that I was looking for, I got an iphone5 from US but was worried about its warranty in India.
-anonymous | startupcentral
Really looking forward to the launch! It is a much needed service. Hope it’ll come to Pune.
-Sandeep | track.in
I guess extended warranty is a good idea for some but is another expense for others. It all depends on its coverage and the type of product you purchased. If the product is prone to damage, then I guess extended warranty is a must, which exactly is the case with electronic devices.
- Johan Michal | inc42.com
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